Repairing Battlemechs, Vehicles, Infantry and Battle Armor:
Once purchased you do not have to pay any upkeep on your Mechs and other units, however if they become damaged in an engagement they must be repaired. Each type of unit has its own repair chart listed on the page. Note that each Mech’s status should be reviewed and agreed upon by the two sides that fought to determine the appropriate damage level. If a consensus cannot be reached, then a non-battle participant will act as a third vote to break ties.

Faster Repairs: A player may pay an additional 5% per damage level to have a unit repaired faster. You will drop 1 round for each 5% over the initial repair cost.

Damaged Units: Units do not need to be repaired before they can fight in a new Match.

Clan Maintenance: Any clan Mech that participates on a Match will take a minimum effect of 25% ‘damage’, even if the mech does not take damage in the mission. This reflects the difficulty in maintaining clan-based technology. This is not cumulative with other damage the Mech suffers.

Mech damage is broken into six different categories representing the percentage of damage received. The chart shows the damage categories, time, and cost in percentage to repair the Mech**

Damage % Cost to Repair Time to Repair Description
0% Damage No Cost No Time Mech has less than 50% armor damage and less than 5 IS damaged
25% Damage 5% of Original Value No Time Mech mostly operational, examples would be a limb blown off, or a non-engine/gyro critical.
50% Damage 10% of Original Value 1 Match Mech partially operational, examples would be large amounts of armor destroyed, one engine or a gyro.
75% Damage 15% of Original Value 2 Matchs Mech almost non operational, examples would be two engine hits, extensive internal structure damage.
100% Damage 25% of Original Value 3 Rounds Mech non operational, examples would be three engine or two gyro criticals, massive internal structure damage.
Destroyed Must Re-Purchase Mech N/A Mech is destroyed by an ammo explosion that does not have CASE, or a Mech that is unable to withdraw from the battlefield if the player loses the match.


3061: Solaris Open GeoffreyStrain