Match Scenarios

Scenario Types

Solaris Scenario Type Table

2D6 Scenario Type
2 Free-For-All
3 Flag Capture
4 Tag Team Match
5 Team Match
6-8 Single Duel
9 Team Match
10 Tag Team Match
11 Free-For-All
12 Race/Gauntlet

Match Balancing

Different matches will call for different types of units. Some matches will allow you to bring whatever you wish or can to the field. But this won’t always win the crowd over, nor make money for your sponsors. You can in fact turn the crowd against you, and you will find yourself in a public relations nightmare should you stray too far from the unwritten rules of Solaris VII.

Factors and Effects of Match balance:
1) The Odds
2) The Tonnage
3) The Battle Value

The points above should be checked above before each match to see what the crowd, media and sponsors have to say about your match. If you’ve strayed to far into the potential PR minefield that is a Solaris VII match you could quickly find yourself the winner of an empty purse or even have the crowd turn against you time and time again.

Match Scenarios

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