Crowd Participation

During the End Phase of each Turn both players roll 2D6, applying the modifiers earned by there respective warriors to the result. On a result of 9 or higher, the crowd is “with” the warrior, and the controling player may use the resulting increase in confidence to add +1 modifier to all of the warriors Piloting Gunning or initiative rolls for the following turn. On any result below 4 the crowd has grown hostile or cool toward the warrior, resulting in a -1 Initiative modifier during the following turn. Each turn is treated separately, and so the effects of the crowd participation do not accumulate fomr turn to turn.

Crowd Participation Modifiers Table

Event Points
“Home” Crowd** +2
“Away” Crowd** -2
Each 20 Points* of damaged dealt to opponent -1
Each 20 Points* of damaged received from opponent -1
Warrior delivered successful physical attack +1
Warrior fell while making/suffering physical attack -1
Warrior delivered a head shot to opponent -1
Warrior recived a head shot from opponent +1
Warriour suffered Critical damade this turn -1
Warrior delt crirical damage this turn +1
Warrior suffered ammo explosion -1
Warrior caused opponent’s ammo explosion +1

Team Matchs Only:

Player Unit Surrenders -2
Plater unit destroyed -3
Player unit warrior(s) killed +2
Opponent unit surrenders +2
Opponent unit destroyed +3
Opponent unit warrior(s) killed -2

All modifers are cumulative, but only for the turn in which they apply

*Or fraction thereof

  • “Home” crowd advanatage only applies if the arena is affiliate with the same faction as the player’s stable. “Away” crowd disadvantage only applies when the arena is affiliated with the same faction as the opposing player’s Stable. In all other circumstances, nither modifer applies. These modifiers only apply to the five major arans of Solaris City: Boreal Reach, The Factory, Ishiyama, The Junfle and Stiner Coliseum.

Crowd Participation

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